• TicketAide is a company offering services to contest ticket infractions in virtue of, but not limited to, the Highway Safety Code of Québec.

  • At its sole discretion, TicketAide may refuse to proceed on the merits (for trial) in a case and only accept a mandate for negotiating with the Crown (“the Prosecutor”) before trial and vice versa.

  • TicketAide also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse any mandate in the event that the explanations received from the client are untenable, incomplete or even contrary to the principles of justice.

  • TicketAide may refuse a mandate if the case is presentable in a judicial district in which its services are not available.

  • Upon receipt of your mandate, a member of TicketAide will contact you to acknowledge receipt thereof and/or raise any inconsistency with any information provided therewith.

  • You acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to send your plea of not guilty to the competent authority as shown on your ticket. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you may mandate TicketAide to plead not guilty for you, by sending the ticket to one of our offices with a payment of $ 20.00 plus tax.

  • You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to forward to TicketAide, in writing, any hearing date and any explanation in support of your defense and / or your story within a minimum of TWENTY (20) days before your hearing date, failing to which we reserve the right to refuse the mandate. Please note that no hearing date will be taken by telephone.

  • You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to make sure we have received all the documents you have sent us. TicketAide is not responsible for the loss of documents sent by mail, or for delays due to such loss.


Services Included

  • Subject to the terms of this mandate, TicketAide offers the following services:

  • A consultation and a complete study of the client’s file.

  • Obtaining evidence (report of offense et al.) managed by our lawyers.

  • A thorough analysis of all the evidence, including the police report.

  • A complete analysis of your options in light of the evidence.

  • Negotiations with the Prosecutor.

  • The proper management of the file by one of our lawyers in order to achieve the best possible result.

* N.B. In the event that you must stand trial for your ticket and give TicketAide a mandate to represent you for these purposes, TicketAide requires that you sign a new mandate to replace the previous one for all intents and purposes.



  • Any payment in view of the present mandate must be paid within TWENTY-FOUR (24) hours from the time mandate is given to TicketAide. In the event that you send us the relevant documents for your file without having paid the cost for your category, these documents will be returned to you and you will represent yourself at any hearing date without any notice from TicketAide.

  • A charge for opening an account in the amount of $ 29.99 plus tax will be added to your category at the time of payment. Please note that this amount is not covered by The TicketAide Guarantee.

  • A fee of $ 29.99 plus tax will be payable for any postponement at your request or caused by your absence and/or if we cannot get in touch with you at least FOURTY-EIGHT (48) hours before your hearing date. In the event that your case is set peremptorily (for the last time) or if our presence is required for the Court to justify a postponement, disbursement fees in the amount of $ 39.99 will be due in addition to any other amount.

  • The client agrees that in addition to the original amount, a fee of $ 20.00 will apply to all payments returned for Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF).


The TicketAide Guarantee

  • The TicketAide Guarantee covers only TicketAide categories which entail at least one demerit point and takes effect when a result is obtained for the client.

    * The term “Result” is defined as any settlement reached out of Court, without the need to proceed on the merits (hearing), and confirms the striking of at least one demerit point.

  • Any payment made under the categories subject to The TicketAide Guarantee or Programs A, I, D and E, will be paid into TicketAide’s In Trust account. Once the client meets the criteria of this mandate, Ticketaide immediately transfers, without further notice, 50% of this amount to its general account, which amount is income earned by TicketAide.

  • Any amount retained by TicketAide in its trust account shall bear no interest.

  • In the event TicketAide is unsuccessful in obtaining a Result, for any reason whatsoever, TicketAide will refund the client 50% of the category in question.

  • Once TicketAide obtains a Result, the latter shall keep the entire cost of the category in question and immediately transfer the other 50% to its general account, which amount is income earned by TicketAide.

  • The TicketAide Guarantee lapses at the time of obtaining a Result or when the client wishes to proceed on the merits (trial). Hearing and Postponements.

  • It is your responsibility to note and send us any date fixed for hearing before the court in order to notify us within the time period specified in the present mandate.

  • You agree to disclose to TicketAide anything that may affect a Result or any other conclusion sought under the TicketAide Guarantee and which may affect the quality of services rendered by TicketAide, including for example, any prior postponements.

  • TicketAide reserves the right to request a postponement, at its discretion and considers it appropriate to obtain a result or any other conclusion sought in connection with this mandate, all in the best interests of the client.

  • TicketAide does not guarantee the consent of the Prosecutor and/or approval of the judge for any motion for postponement, motion for revocation and suspension as well as motions for restricted licenses, and as such, the TicketAide Guarantee is not applicable in these cases.

  • If you are not going to be available for the date fixed for the hearing of your ticket, you need to send to TicketAide, in writing, all grounds to this effect and all supporting documentation along with your availabilities at least FIFTEEN (15) days before the date fixed for the hearing.

  • For any date of your hearing (whether pro forma or on the merits) or in the event that you do not wish to negotiate a settlement, or that any negotiation is refused by the Prosecutor, you must appear in Court the day of your scheduled hearing, unless otherwise advised by TicketAide, which notice will be given in writing.