About Us

Meet The TicketAide® Team

Jamie Benizri

Jamie Benizri (on the left) started his career as a prosecutor for the City of Montreal over 12 years ago, upholding what he calls the “rules of the road”, before shifting to private practice. During his time as a prosecutor, Jamie learned about the traffic court system: how judges respond to the police evidence; the difference between a legal defense and an explanation; how to win a case in court and when to settle. Jamie puts that experience to use everyday alongside his partner Avi Levy to the benefit of TicketAide® clients.

Avi Levy

Avi Levy (on the right) has been practicing in the field of penal law for over 12 years. He has extensive experience in the field of traffic ticket litigation. Avi handles a large volume of cases on a daily basis, which explains his experience and the confidence of his clients. Since the beginning of his career, Avi has worked in private practice as a defense attorney. In 2011, he opened TicketAide® Inc. with his partner Jamie Benizri, former prosecuting attorney, to provide a traffic ticket contestation service to the public. During his journey, Avi has represented thousands of clients across Quebec and proudly continues to do so today. He is without a doubt the person to contact to represent you before the Courts.