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About TicketAide

Get Back in the Driver's Seat

  • With the number of traffic tickets issued across Quebec at over 600,000 annually and with the consequences to your driver’s license more severe than ever, individuals need an efficient and professional ticket aide service to keep them in control of their license and in the driver’s seat.

Ticket Contestation Made Simple

  • TicketAide strives to make contesting tickets a simple, easy, and effective process so that all drivers can take advantage of the rights granted to them by Quebec’s legal system. TicketAide’s confidence in its legal strategies for fighting traffic tickets and its dedication to customer service has translated into a network of loyal clients who can attest to TicketAide’s result-driven approach

Backed by a Seasoned Legal Team

  • TicketAide’s team consists of former prosecutors and seasoned defense attorneys who have insider knowledge of Quebec’s penal system and its inner workings. This experience allows TicketAide’s clients to benefit from the highest quality legal advice.