The TicketAide Guarantee

TicketAide is your best option with a unique money back program

Are you worried about wasting time and money. TicketAide is the only traffic ticket contesting Law Firm to offer a discount in the eventual circumstance that your case goes to trial.

For example, if you chose TicketAide’s Plan A to contest your ticket at $149 (+tx), a $149 rebate would be applied to TicketAide’s Trial Plans.

We are all about saving you from demerit points, saving you money, saving your permit, reducing your driver’s license fees and avoiding insurance premium hikes.

TicketAide boasts a network of lawyers that can serve you throughout Quebec, Ontario and New York.

It’s simple, TicketAide offers the most affordable ticket contesting solutions, backed by the TicketAide Guarantee, a unique program in the province.