What is a red light ticket?

A red light ticket is when you get to an intersection, and you see that while beautiful and you go over it when the light is red. It is in virtue of Article 359 from the Highway Safety Code of Quebec and it carries along 3 demerit points and some cost.
Furthermore, it often happens where drivers get confused whether or not they crossed the line at a yellow or red light.  Therefore, it is important to know the distinction between the two in the eyes of the law. A yellow light ticket does not carry any demerit points.  However, there is a small fine to pay when the infraction is committed.
Another common instance that we see at TicketAide is clients getting issued a ticket when stuck at an intersection. It is vital to make sure you can cross the intersection before the light turns red.

How can I contest a red light ticket?

A red light ticket can be difficult to contest on your own, our legal experts at TicketAide can contest it for you.  Simply click on “contest your ticket” at the top of the page and fill out the appropriate form.  We will follow up with you right after.