Custom Services
Suspended licenses, missed court hearings, accumulated points are just a few of the situations where TicketAide can help you . With TicketAide, expect to fully understand the process of contesting a Ticket, from contestation to settlement or hearing.

Restricted License

If the SAAQ is suspending your license, then obtaining a restricted license is key. A TicketAide mandated lawyer will walk you through the procedural formalities and ask the court for an authorization for you to continue to drive.

Stay of Execution

When you want to reverse the negative effects of accumulated points, a stay of execution will suspend the enforcement of a judgment rendered against you. A TicketAide mandated lawyer will walk you through the procedural formalities.

Revocation of Judgment

This is the step that comes after a stay of execution if you are trying to reverse the decision rendered by the court. It allows your ticket to be put back onto the table to negotiate a settlement or have your defense heard before court at trial. A TicketAide mandated lawyer will draft all documentation and stand before the court on your behalf.

Appeal at the Superior Court

If you have mistakenly paid for a ticket instead of pleading not guilty, these events are subject to appeal. TicketAide's mandated attorneys prepare and guide you through the legal procedures, in order to reverse the effects of certain actions.